Like in Mexico Mexican Breakfast: Molletes a la Mexicana

Molletes a la Mexicana
Molletes a la Mexicana

What are Molletes?
Well, if I can explain it correctly, is a baguette style bread cut in half (open face) with butter, spread of re-fried beans and a choice of filling on top. The most simply and traditional are cheese (chihuahua or Oaxaca) Pico de Gallo and/or salsa of your choice AND if you want to make this a full meal you can add a different fillings on the top like guisados (stews)  I give you some ideas (my favourite toppings) Chorizo con Papas, Mexican Picadillo, Carne con Chile, Rajas de Chile Poblano, Carne con Chile, Papas Verdes and Papas Rojas. Basically You can choose anything. Even scramble eggs! and if you are vegetarian mushrooms with roasted tomatoes are an excellent option.

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The recipe today will bring the Mexican flavour to your casa in an Easy, Fast & healthy way. No need to be an expert in the kitchen to prepare this meal in a matter of 15 minutes is perfect for any occasion, as snack, lunch or dinner.
This Tuna Tacos + Salsa Guisada will take you to a full Mexican experience in just one bite.

Tuna tacos and salsa guisadaSalsa Guisada
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Lime and Pepper Fish Tacos + Pico de Gallo

Summer 2014 is going fantastic! Amazing hot weather here in MONTREAL with tons of festivals, Concerts, movie films around the city, and many other stuff, don’t know if you know but Montreal is a very multicultural city where you have 2 official languages, French and English and I just simply love it! Specially during summer.

Although I haven’t been so active with LIKEINMEXICOYou might  not want to know why, but I’ll say it. Because I’ve been watching the WORLD CUP BRAZIL 2014 !!!! My favourite teams are out of the world cup unfortunately, obviously my team was and is MEXICO  (that btw #noerapenal).
I supported all the South American teams, and today I go for Argentina, is the last South American team in the World Cup and I want the cup to stay here in America! (sorry, did I tell you I am a big fútbol/soccer fan? are you a soccer fan?

As I’ve been watching the World Cup, I have prepared different Antojitos/Appetizers to accompany during games, and here is one the many I’ve prepared.

Lime and Pepper Fish Tacos + Pico de Gallo 


I love this recipe because it brings many Mexican flavours together, first lime and pepper with a touch of the Authentic Salsa Pico de Gallo plus Basic Salsa.

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A Normal Friend and a Mexican Friend

If you have a Mexican Friend you MUST READ this post from @MatadorNetwork. Read it and let me know what do you think ;-)
I loved each of the 13 differences between a normal friend and a Mexican Friend and Personally, I couldn’t stop laughing while reading this hehe

13 differences between a normal friend and a Mexican friend.



Mix Berries Margarita Recipe [Margaritas are in the House II]

Following  the Margaritas Recipes Weekend…

Have you tried Mix Berries Margarita? If yes you gotta try this one, you will not regret it  BUT If not, I gotta tell you  this i’s just perfect the perfect drink,  fresh and sweet for the warm weather and on top of that is healthy! we are using all natural ingredients and if you can not find good berries, used organic frozen mix berries.

The perfect excuse to drink more margaritas…  Sugars Found In Tequila Could Help You Lose Weight.

Mix Berries Margarita

mix berries margarita via: @likeinmexico

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Margaritas are in the House – Watermelon Margarita Recipe

Summer is just around the corner BUT good weather is already here and I’m sure you are ready to have a Summer Drink and an Outdoor BBQ.
Wouldn’t be great to have a good collection of Margaritas for the upcoming summer weekend parties? if you thinks so, this weekend I’ll post 1 margarita recipe per day, so keep and eye on LikeinMexico new posts because these Margaritas are one of those drinks you will say: I can’t drink just one! because they are scrumptious and so refreshing!


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