Carne con Chile – Authentic Mexican Chile con Carne.

"Carne con Chile"
“Carne con Chile”

When I lived in México at my parents, once a week for sure I ate carne con chile (very spicy sometimes) with either red rice or beans. Carne con chile with rice was and is more for lunch and with beans for dinner.
My mom always prepared the “Carne con chile” in a very simple way, but very rich in flavour and it was this recipe I grew up with.

La Carne con chile, is a simple and basic recipe that many households in Mexico, from south to north prepare with their own touch. Textures, colours and sometimes flavours may differ one from the other, since there is a wide of chiles for choosing to cook carne con chile, to mention few, Jalapeño, Serrano, chipotle, as it can be prepare using tomatillo or Red tomato but all very authentic and traditional. 
If you like spicy food you will like this recipe, I’ve always liked spicy food and very spicy sauces, sometimes I asked my mom if she could make extra sauce for me, in case La Carne con chile was not spicy enough lol. 
When I go to visit my family, there is always a question my mom ask me, and I love to answer – What you want me to cook for you when you get to town? And my answer so far after years living outside of Mexico is “Carne con Chile”, beans and tortillas de maíz with extra salsa to accompany. I know, nothing fancy, but is authentic and very flavourful.

“This dish has many variables, as I mentioned above. Carne con Chile can be made with beef or pork, use different chiles like Jalapeño, Serrano, chipotle, chile ancho, chile Guajillo, and I believe every Mexican home does it in a different way” but If you’ve never tasted or cooked authentic Mexican Chile con carne, I must tell you, you have to try this authentic Mexican dish! It doesn’t matter what chile con carne, as longs as is authentic and traditional like this recipe. 


Serves: 2 Cooking Time: 30 min

2 Roma tomatos

1 Jalapeño

1/2 small onion

1 garlic clove

Full Pinch of Salt

Pepper to taste

3 Rib Eye steaks (cut in small cubes)

Comal or cast iron skillet

Edit: *If you would like, add any kind of Potato, roughly chopped, and/or choose different kind of chile. 
*Change the type of meat as well, Sirloin, Chuck, Flank Steak are good option as well as  pork leg, chops.
* IF you think is too spicy the AuthenticMexican Chile con Carne, Roast 2 extra tomatoes but if you want it spicier add more jalapeño.


1. We cut our steaks into small cubes, and pre-heated a pan with a teaspoon of oil ( I used olive oil), add the meat, fry (browned) over medium-high heat until meat is thoroughly cooked. In spanish we say “Doramos la carne”

Rib Eye in cubes.
Rib Eye in cubes.

2. In the meantime, heat up your comal or cast iron skillet, put the tomatoes, jalapeño, onion and garlic to roast, when they are completely roasted, put the ingredients in a blender, (peel the tomato skin)  add salt and blend until smooth and thick (adds water if you want a thinner sauce).

Roasting Tomato, Jalapeño and onion.
Roasting Tomato, Jalapeño and onion.
Roasting Tomato and Jalapeño.
Roasting Tomato and Jalapeño.
Roasted salsa
Roasted salsa

3. Now that our meat and salsa are ready, we add the salsa to the meat; let it boil for about 5 minutes, then lower the heat and let cook for approx. 15-20 minutes and Ready!! (Checked salt and pepper to taste)
So easy and simple these authentic “Carne con Chile

Carne con Chile
Carne con Chile almost Ready
Carne con Chile Ready!
Carne con Chile  is Ready!

You can serve with beans, Mexican rice, quesadillas, burritos, tacos, nachos, etc …

Buen Provecho!😉


15 thoughts on “Carne con Chile – Authentic Mexican Chile con Carne.

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  2. Dear Sirs,
    After spending time all over Mexico and California I do not think your Chilli con Carne is in any way acceptable, I have great experience with foods of the world. I would love to help with your recipes.

    Best Regards,

    Johnnie Cooke


  3. This sounds like a fab recipe and I cannot wait to try it! I love Chili con Carne but have never had Carne con Chile! Sounds lovely! And I have to say I am a lot like you, LOVE SPICY I will probably end up adding more chilies! Thank you for this recipe! x


    1. Hola @onceinalifetimeideas. Gracias for the compliments and Thank you for passing by, I really hope you will enjoy this spicy yummy recipe😉
      Hope to see you around @likeinmexico again, keep in touch😀


      Liked by 1 person

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  5. Lori

    Oh my gosh! Love this recipe! My husband has been missing his mother’s carne con chili since she is unable to cook anymore. He scoured the internet, found this one, and asked me to cook it. I have made it twice so far and it is fantastic!


    1. Hola Lori.
      I am so glad to read your message, and happy you made it and you liked it!!
      For many Mexicans, this particular dish will always bring back the flavours we miss while living abroad and why not some good memories.
      Gracias for stoping by likeinmexico.


  6. Hi Valeria, I make Carne con Chile my Grandma’s style ( from Colima ) all my family has been making it Grandma’s way eventhough all of my family lives here in California. even my wife who is Anglo-Saxon approved and of course Grandma gave her the recipe ( I had to translate it for her )


  7. Abel Cepeda

    Hola Valeria – Your Carne con Chile is really “The Bomb,” as we say in our lingo! Very simple, clean-tasting – the flavor of the beef really comes through…


    1. Yes you can Alexis! I have done it myself :-) But since I like a bit spicy I had added an extra jalapeño (previously steam/cooked) – and extra salt and pepper. Thanks for passing by alexis.

      Have a great day,



  8. Rebecca

    This is very like what my family makes. Most times people think chili con carne has beans in it but this is what we grew up on and we are true Hispanics. In fact we are Terasco Indian and only my younger cousins have married outside our ethnicity. This is nice. Thank you for sharing.


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