Elotes all dressed a Mexican Street Snack

What Elotes all dressed mean?Well, it Means Corn Kernels All Dressed.

Elotes All Dressed
Elotes All Dressed

Is mid afternoon and I really want to have one of my favourites Mexican street Snack.
My cravings ask for “Elotes Paco or Elotes Rosy” from Ciudad Lerdo, Durango. You might wonder, What are “Elotes Paco or Elotes Rosy “?  these two, are Corn Street Vendors  or Corn Street Stands, place on the main squares in a town near the city where I’m from.“Elotes all dressed”.

Elotes Stand. Mexican Street Snacks.Elotes Stand – Mexican Street Snacks. ©

It is very common to go and grab a elote all dressed and others snacks like Ice cream, aguas frescas, fried snacks, tortillones, candies, chips, and other Mexican Street Snacks.
I believe most of the Mexicans are reading this, know already what I am talking about and will understand when I say: “Elotes all dressed” or “Ezquites” (another way to call this Mexican Street snack)

Mexican Street Snacks. Aguas Frescas, Banderilla, Elotes, Churros.
Mexican Street Snacks. @Ciudad Lerdo, Durango.
Aguas Frescas, Banderilla, Elotes, Churros, Chips. ©

Elotes all dressed is one of the most traditional Mexican Street Snack, which is basically cooked corn dressed with different topping like: Butter, Cream, Mayo, Shredded cheese, home made salsa, salsa valentina, Chilli Powder, splash of lime, salt and pepper; Can be bought in a plastic glass or  (whole corn ear) and believe me all mix together makes the one most delicious and simple afternoon snack.

Living in Montreal is impossible to find Elotes Street Vendors (I wish), so the only way I can eat them are doing them myself.

Elotes all dressed Recipe

1 cup Corn Kernels
1/2  Tbsp Butter
1 Tbsp sour cream or *greek yogurt
1 Tbsp Shredded Cheese
Dash of Chilli Powder
Splash of *Salsa Valentina
Splash of Lime
Salt and Pepper to taste

*Greek Yogurt: is optional, and a lighter version ;-)
*Salsa Valentina is an amazing Mexican product, you must try! Goes perfect with fruits,                     chips,elotes, pop corn, quesadillas, scramble eggs, peanuts and many other snacks.                         “Be careful, can be addictive”
*Can add Mayo and different types of Salsas.

1. Warm up the corn kernel, add the butter, sour cream or greek yogurt, shredded cheese, chilli powder, Salsa Valentina, lime, salt and pepper. Ready!

Elotes All Dressed.
Elotes All Dressed.

Super fast, low in price, really tasty and a perfect light snack for any occasion.

Buen provecho,


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