Orange with Tajín. Chile Powder.
Orange with Chile Powder – Tajiín “Fruit Seasoning”

Feels like -22 C and is insane to walk around, at least is sunny and bright, but… I miss the warm/hot weather, I start getting a bit desperate and I love to torture myself thinking about Mexican weather, and when I think about Mexican weather it brings me memories about one of my favourites Mexican Street Snacks: FRUIT WITH CHILE POWDER AND LIME – FRUTA CON CHILE Y LIMON.

I remember buying Fruit with Chilli and Lime almost everyday after school and if I had some extra coins I will bring my mom her favourite one: Coconut (you must to try coconut with chilli and lime) I don’t have a favourite one, but most of the time I go for Cucumber, Oranges Watermelon and  Jicama. (Too bad I can’t find Jicama any where in Montreal, if you know where to find it in Montreal, please tell me!)

The most common fruits we see on the Fruit Shopping Carts: are: Mango, Oranges, Cucumber, Pineapple, Jicama, Watermelon, Mango, Shredded Carrots, Coconut, Tuna (cactus) and Strawberries.

When buying Fruit from Street Vendors, Make sure the shopping cart is clean, not like the one on the picture.
Not the best Fruit Shopping Cart in Town. An Old and rusted Fruit Shopping Cart @ Mexico.When buying Fruit from Street Vendors, make sure the fruit shopping cart is clean, not like the one above LOL

I always like the idea to buy fruit on the go, it is an easy snack to eat while walking and on top of that is a healthy Snack!! Nothing is wrong with a slide of pineapple or watermelon, right? The good thing is we can buy fruits any time at the super market and do this yummy Mexican street snack.

I don’t review products or recommended them, but this one is a MUST try; if you enjoy sour, spicy and sweet snacks, this is the right thing to buy and add it to almost everything! Its call TAJÍN is Fruit Seasoning with Chile Powder, lime and salt, Tajin is one of the most popular chilli powders in Mexico; luckily I can find TAJÍN in Montreal ;-)


Orange and Tajiín
Orange and Tajiín “Fruit Seasoning”

I will show you one of the most simples delicious yet Very Authentic Mexican Street Snack that you can find everywhere in Mexico, from the corner stand, main squares, malls, outside schools, you name it, everywhere!
and by the way, from now on let’s call them  Fruit Shopping Carts.


  • Your choice of fruit (cut, slice or smash)
  • Chile Powder or Tajín
  • Lime or Lemon ( to taste)


1. Wash very well your choice of fruit, cut it and place it in a bowl or serving plate.

2. Add Chile Powder and/or Tajín and lime to taste.

AND It’s ready! Super easy to make.


cucumber and Tajin
                                  Cucumber with Chile Powder and Lime – Tajín “Fruit Seasoning”
Orange and Tajin
                                           Orange with Chile Powder – Tajín “Fruit Seasoning”


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