About Valeria

My name is Valeria but you can call me Val. I’m a Mexican living abroad.

Not too long ago I discovered the love for cooking… and everything that has to do with it from cookbooks, learning new recipes, watching tv cooking shows, cooking for my family & friends, discovering new ingredients, experimenting with new recipes, talk about food and – of course eating. I’m an official foodie.

I am not professional chef, but I’m the chef of my home.

I started to cook to impress my boyfriend with some authentic Mexican food, he had mistaken idea that Tex-Mex food was the almost the same as the Mexican Food, thank to me not anymore.

I often fail, and I still failing. but a quick call to my mom wich is my favourite chef, keep saving me once in a while. As well I discovered the blogging world which by the way there are some blogs that were and are my inspiration to start my own blog.
I’m still learning and calling mom, so hopefully you will learn with me.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find something you would like to cook and know how it’s cook Like-in-mexico.


Twitter: @likeinmexico
Facebook: @likeinmexico
Instagram: @likeinmexico
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9 thoughts on “About Valeria

  1. ¡Hola, gracias por ir a mi blog! Me gusta y me interesa mucho cuando escucho de mexicanos viviendo en el extranjero y tratando de rescatar lo más posible la autenticidad de la comida mexicana.
    Tal como dices, muchas personas tienen la idea equivocada de que la comida mexicana es igual a la Tex Mex, nada más erróneo!!!
    Te felicito y estoy contenta de conocer tu blog!
    ¡Bienvenida y mucho gusto! Si gustas te invito a participar en la convocatoria , puedes mandarme un mail! :)


    1. Gracias :)
      Soy orgullosa de ser mexicano por que como leí en tu blog, hay que mostrar lo bonito de México!
      Te enviare mis fotografias y recetas para la convocatoria, tenlo por seguro ;)
      Gracias por pasar a checar mi blog, siempre me inspiras con tu blog!


    1. Thank you Arild! I’m glad to hear you like what you see in my blog and I would love to know if you had tried any of my Mexican Recipes ;-)
      Maybe, one day I can cook some Authentic Mexican food for you guys.
      Saludos from Montreal.



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