Mexican Street Snacks @ Parque Victoria en Ciudad Lerdo, Durango, México.

Mexican Street Snacks @ Parque Victoria de Ciudad Lerdo, Durango.
Street Snacks @Ciudad Lerdo, Durango.
                                                       Street Snacks @Ciudad Lerdo, Durango.                                                      ©Valeria Valenzuela ©likeinmexico  

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Mexican Street Food Pictures

Have you been in México?
If yes, have you tried Mexican Street Food? I mean, Food from Street vendors, Fondas, or Street Shopping Carts?  If yes, then you will love these pictures and drool, just a little bit.

But… If you haven’t try Mexican Street Food or been in México yet, let me show you how is Like in México.

Si eres Mexicano, se te va hacer la boca y probablemente vas a llorar del antojo…

©Pavel Diaz ©Valeria Valenzuela Likeinmexico
Las Gorditas de Cuencame

Photography taken by: Pavel Diaz Renteria
Place: Cd. Juarez, Durango.
This picture was taken by a friend from La Laguna, Gracias Pavel por la pic y el antojo.

I’ll keep posting pictures and videos from Mexico – Mexican Food from Stands-vendors-carts-restaurants, etc. 

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One Minute in Mexico Video

Let me show you this incredible video: ONE MINUTE IN MEXICO.

Mexican food, Mexican colours, Mexican People, Mexican Traditions. 

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Orange with Tajín. Chile Powder.
Orange with Chile Powder – Tajiín “Fruit Seasoning”

Feels like -22 C and is insane to walk around, at least is sunny and bright, but… I miss the warm/hot weather, I start getting a bit desperate and I love to torture myself thinking about Mexican weather, and when I think about Mexican weather it brings me memories about one of my favourites Mexican Street Snacks: FRUIT WITH CHILE POWDER AND LIME – FRUTA CON CHILE Y LIMON.

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Elotes all dressed a Mexican Street Snack

What Elotes all dressed mean?Well, it Means Corn Kernels All Dressed.

Elotes All Dressed
Elotes All Dressed

Is mid afternoon and I really want to have one of my favourites Mexican street Snack.
My cravings ask for “Elotes Paco or Elotes Rosy” from Ciudad Lerdo, Durango. You might wonder, What are “Elotes Paco or Elotes Rosy “?  these two, are Corn Street Vendors  or Corn Street Stands, place on the main squares in a town near the city where I’m from.“Elotes all dressed”.

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