Mix Berries Margarita Recipe [Margaritas are in the House II]

Following  the Margaritas Recipes Weekend…

Have you tried Mix Berries Margarita? If yes you gotta try this one, you will not regret it  BUT If not, I gotta tell you  this i’s just perfect the perfect drink,  fresh and sweet for the warm weather and on top of that is healthy! we are using all natural ingredients and if you can not find good berries, used organic frozen mix berries.

The perfect excuse to drink more margaritas…  Sugars Found In Tequila Could Help You Lose Weight.

Mix Berries Margarita

mix berries margarita via: @likeinmexico

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Margaritas are in the House – Watermelon Margarita Recipe

Summer is just around the corner BUT good weather is already here and I’m sure you are ready to have a Summer Drink and an Outdoor BBQ.
Wouldn’t be great to have a good collection of Margaritas for the upcoming summer weekend parties? if you thinks so, this weekend I’ll post 1 margarita recipe per day, so keep and eye on LikeinMexico new posts because these Margaritas are one of those drinks you will say: I can’t drink just one! because they are scrumptious and so refreshing!


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Lime Margarita on the Rocks.


I know, I know! Was yesterday and it’s celebrate just in USA, but…  Who says NO to a tequila drink?

Lime Margarita on the Rocks.
Lime Margarita on the Rocks.

Did you know, Tequila has been made since the 16th century in and around the town of “Tequila” (Yes! It is the town’s name), in the western state of Jalisco, Mexico? Tequila is made from the “Blue Agave” known as “Maguey” to the locals.

Tequila is now being promoted as a liquor to be savoured, and treated like a fine whisky, rum, or cognac, to be sipped from a nice glass accompanied by sparkling water ;)

Don Julio Shot
Don Julio Shot

As a good Mexican I need to support my roots ;) and always have a good reason to enjoy some tequila drinks ;)

Have you run out of ideas, how to prepare a tequila drink?

Here is 1 different tequila cocktail.

                    Taken from the book “Cocktails, Cocktails & more Cocktails” of KESTER THOMPSON


Glass: Collins

“The Chimayó was created in 1965, by Arturo Jaramillo, at the Rancho de Chimayó, in Chimayó, New México. This is a curiously popular cocktail, and it even has its own Facebook page.  A simple example of how tequila is rather more versatile than just mixing it with something sour.


1 ¹⁄² oz Gold tequila
1 oz freshly pressed apple juice.
¼ oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
¼ oz Crème de Cassis


– Shake all the ingredients with ice
– Strain into glass filled with ice
– Garnish with slice of apple.


   SALUD :-)

Pear martini

Pear Martini infused with lime and coconut mix

Pear martini

Pear martini infused with lime and coconut mix garnish with fresh lime-sugar-salt rim. 

5/6 part Grey Goose vodka
1/6 Lime juice & coconut sirup
1 pear fruit
4 icecubes
Mix in blender

Add a dash of salt, freshly squeezed lime and a splash of sparkling water. Mix gently. Serve chilled!

Pear martini

Happy Saturday!