Appetizers | Entradas:
Honey Jalapeño Chicken Tenders 

Desserts | Postres
Arroz con Leche
Dark Chocolate Mousse 
Mini Cheese Cakes 
Mexican Wedding Cookies – Polvorones de Nuez

Drinks – Cocktails | Bebidas: 
Pear Martini Infused with Lime and coconut mix
Watermelon Margarita Recipe
Mix Berries Margarita Recipe

Traditional Mexican:
Carne con Chile – Authentic Mexican Carne con Chile 
Carne con Chile Beef Braised Short Ribs – Carne con Chile Costillitas de Res
Chicken Fajitas – Fajitas de Pollo
Chorizo con Papas – Mexican chorizo with Potatoes

Chilaquiles Verdes con Pollo – Green Chilaquiles with Chicken
Chicken Fajitas – Fajitas de Pollo  
Enchiladas Verdes de Pollo – Green Chicken Enchiladas
Mexican Picadillo
Molletes a la Mexicana

Traditional Mexican Antojito: Taquitos Dorados – Crispy Tacos
Quesadillas with Pulled Pork Carnitas

My Mexico Trips:
Los Cabos Vacation #1
Los Cabos Vacation #2 – Baja Style Tacos Recipe

How To – Mexican Basics

How to Cook Poblano Pepper / Chile Poblano
How to make Mexican Chorizo / Como hacer Chorizo Casero

Mexican Contemporary:
Bistec con Queso en Pan Pita Receta / Beef Steak with Cheese on Pita Bread Recipe
Creamy Poblano Pasta 
Chicken Parmesan with Salsa Verde
Turkey a la Mexicana – Pechuga de Pavo a la Mexicana

Las Salsas:

Classic Salsa Restaurant Style
Pico de Gallo Salsa
Salsa Borracha
Salsa Roja for Tacos
Salsa Verde de tomatillo
Spicy Salsa Verde

Soups – Sopa
Carrot Ginger Soup – Crema de Zanahoria
Creamy Broccoli Soup low fat – Crema de Brocoli baja en Grasa 

Baja Style Tacos
Healthy Fish Tacos Recipe / Tacos de Pescado Receta
Lime and Pepper Fish Tacos + Pico de Gallo 

Mexican Tacos vs TexMex Tacos 
Nordic Shrimp Tacos
Steak Street Tacos Style [Tacos de Carne Asada]
Tacos de Chorizo con Papas

Tacos de Picadillo  

Vegan – Gluten Free:
Are you Vegan, Vegetarian and/or Gluten Free?
Avocado Toast with Spinach and Salsa Guisada
Carrot Ginger Soup 
Chicken Parmesan with Salsa Verde
Chickpeas Salad – Ensalada de Garbanzos


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